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Data transforms your
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The first agile data security platform for everything you build and run on AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, BigQuery, and SaaS applications.

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Meet urgent data security needs across your organization with one powerful platform

Laminar combines cloud-native design, advanced AI, and cutting-edge research to provide the visibility and control you need to protect your most sensitive data.

Laminar Security Data Landscape IntelligenceData Discovery & Classification

View your asset and data inventory with contextual intelligence from autonomous discovery and classification of all your cloud data.
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Laminar Security: Automate Data Discovery and Classification

Laminar Security Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)Data Security Posture
Management (DSPM)

Laminar Security: Active Violations Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

Laminar Security Data Access Governance (DAG)Data Access
Governance (DAG)

Laminar Security: Activity Analysis Data Access Governance (DAG)

Laminar Security Data Detection and Response (DDR)Data Detection &
Response (DDR)

Laminar Security: Data Threats Alerts Data Detection and Response (DDR)

Laminar Security Privacy CompliancePrivacy &

Laminar Security: Regulated Data Map

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  • Discover cloud data

    You can’t protect what you can’t see. Seeing all your data, including unknown shadow data, is the first step to securing it. Yet security teams are largely unaware of the growing stream of data sources they’re responsible for. Legacy manual or connector-based approaches are not agile enough for the cloud. What’s needed is the ability to automatically and continuously discover and classify all of your sensitive, proprietary and regulated data: whether structured, unstructured, managed or self-hosted.

  • Find All My Cloud Data - Laminar Security
  • Prevent public exposure

    You use public buckets to share data with customers and business partners, but without detailed knowledge of the environment, these convenient data stores often mistakenly get used to store sensitive data. Alternatively, developers might loosen controls or access restrictions for testing purposes, but forget to switch them back afterwards. In either case, assets that contain sensitive ‘shadow data’ can end up being publicly exposed as a result. Fight these potential routes of exposure by continuously pinpointing all exposed, sensitive data and automatically detecting, prioritizing and monitoring exposure violations.

  • Laminar Security - Secure Data Handling
  • Enforce security policy

    Your developers and data scientists copy, share and move sensitive data through the cloud each and every day. From an adherence perspective, that makes the data a moving target. Manual methods will no longer suffice. To enforce data security policies you need the ability to automatically and continuously find, prioritize, and fix policy violations for all your cloud data.

  • Laminar Security - Security Controls
  • Secure data handling

    Data security frameworks set forth environmental segmentation, encryption or other requirements that are fairly simple to document in policy, but are a nightmare for security teams to enforce. Safeguard your data based on built-in security and compliance frameworks — or create custom policies via guided templates.

  • Laminar Security - Secure Data Handling
  • Enforce data sovereignty

    Without the right level of visibility into data store geolocations and movement, you can fall foul of data residency requirements —and risk fines and heightened regulatory scrutiny as a result. Receive alerts when sensitive and regulated data violates data residency requirements for CPRA, GDPR, and more.

  • Laminar Security - Access Policies
  • Meet GRC requirements

    Staying ahead of data privacy and governance requirements as set forth by internal and external privacy and governance stakeholders is no easy feat. You have to codify policy requirements, monitor for compliance, and then collect evidence to prove that compliance. Manual efforts simply can’t keep up. It’s time to find a solution that streamlines evidence collection for internal and external privacy and governance stakeholders, via autonomous data discovery and classification, and continuously enforce compliance.

  • Laminar Security - Compliance Meet GRC Requirements
Find All My Cloud Data - Laminar Security
Laminar Security - Secure Data Handling
Laminar Security - Security Controls
Laminar Security - Secure Data Handling
Laminar Security - Access Policies
Laminar Security - Compliance Meet GRC Requirements

Re-imagining data security for the cloud


Fast time-to-value

Find sensitive data assets and uncover risk almost immediately. You can implement Laminar in hours and present comprehensive findings within a week.

Empower value creators

Empower your developers and data scientists to innovate freely while protecting the company. Laminar’s automated policy enforcement alerts you to any data policy violations without limiting speed and flexibility.

Reduce cloud

Stop paying storage fees for unknown and unused data. Continuously find all abandoned, orphaned and redundant data, with all the context you need to understand if deletion is the right decision.

Improve security

Eliminate countless hours spent installing and maintaining agents/connectors and sifting through hundreds of low-risk alerts and instead focus on strategic data security, compliance, and governance initiatives/programs.

Turn your team into
data security experts

Enhance the effectiveness of your data security and privacy personnel —whatever their level of experience — with Laminar’s combination of richness and simplicity.

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