While a cloud ecosystem looks different from one organization to another, they often have one thing in common: they consist of sprawling, interconnected cloud platforms, applications, storage containers, test environments, backups, unsynchronized data sets, and more. The unfortunate result is nearly unchecked data proliferation. 

Their attack surface has become so vast that many organizations struggle to see everything stored within, let alone confidently secure it. These forgotten corners of a multi-cloud environment contain data stores that are invisible, unmanaged, and unsecured. Within those, we often find shadow data, sensitive data that has been copied or stored in an ungoverned — and likely vulnerable — location.

Not knowing what data they had, and where, was a huge concern for one global fintech company that had been struggling with a clunky data security solution that took too long to deploy, had to be manually pointed toward datasets, and produced large amounts of unhelpful results.

“Because we had to tell the solution where to look, we were missing a significant amount of data.” – Team Lead

The company knew they needed a solution that could help them manage:

  • A complex cloud ecosystem with multiple AWS services, Snowflake, and more
  • Large amounts of unstandardized data being ingested
  • Regulatory compliance in a highly-regulated industry 

They needed a data security posture management (DSPM) solution that would give them cross-platform visibility, discover and classify their data, prioritize risk, and more. 

Their search led them to Laminar’s user-friendly, cloud-native DSPM solution. The fintech client was impressed by a quick deployment and Laminar’s dashboard, which provides an easy-to-digest overview of all data stored in the cloud.

“I estimate we have 90% more visibility with Laminar versus our previous solution. They’re not even on the same scale.” – Technical Lead

To see how this company achieved complete and continuous visibility with Laminar, check out our complete fintech case study. Feel free to discover more about how Laminar enables financial data security in our other fintech data security case studies.

Fitz Barth

Director of Communications

Fitz Barth is the Director of Communications at Laminar. He's been in and around high technology and cybersecurity companies for the better part of the last decade, most recently at Evolv Technology and before that at Netskope, where he helped to communicate the CASB leader's growth into a platform vendor.

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