The Addition of Google Cloud & Snowflake Support Make Laminar the First Cloud-native Data Security Platform to Fully Support Multi-cloud Architectures

As cloud technologies continue to drive business innovation, organizations are turning to multi-cloud infrastructure to meet their diverse needs. In fact, almost 90% of enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud infrastructure. However, with each cloud service provider (CSP) having dozens of ways to store, share, and process data, data security becomes increasingly complex, leading to hard-to-manage architectures that are constantly changing and require deep expertise. And with the well-known shortage of security talent, keeping abreast of this complex and changing multi-cloud landscape is a daunting challenge. What’s needed is a technology solution that can see into and across the various, disparate clouds, giving the user one, unified view into all cloud data risk. 

That’s why I’m pleased that today Laminar has announced the addition of Google Cloud and Snowflake to our existing support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, making ours the first cloud-native data security platform to support all major CSPs and data warehouse environments.

“Data stakeholders need to understand data exposure and mitigate risk no matter how diversified the data environment is. By adding support for Google Cloud and Snowflake, data scientists and developers can benefit from the agility they need to innovate faster and safer, and security teams can have peace of mind knowing their data is secure.” – Amit Shaked, CEO and co-founder of Laminar

The Laminar Platform

Laminar’s platform provides autonomous and continuous data discovery, classification, and protection via a unified console, giving chief information security officers (CISOs), chief product officers (CPOs), chief data officers (CDOs), and their teams the visibility and control they need to achieve data security, privacy, and governance initiatives across multi-cloud environments and data warehouses.

screenshot showing Laminar data landscape across multiple cloud data stores

The platform deploys in minutes and integrates with any existing security stacks and process flows, empowering data security and data governance teams to deliver agile data security at the speed of the cloud. By adding support for Google Cloud and Snowflake, Laminar can address more use cases with a consistent, autonomous solution for all an organization’s data security needs, including governance and privacy requirements. Laminar is the first DSPM solution that can accommodate the broad spectrum of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data commonplace in today’s multi-cloud enterprises.

screenshot of Laminar Data Security Explorer dashboard showing environments, violations and posture.

With its clean and clear user interface, Laminar platform users can easily see data security, governance and compliance risk across their data stores as well as zoom in on data findings to understand sensitivity level, ownership, volume, usage, and purpose. Security teams don’t need to be experts in cloud architectures to understand the risk to the data, because Laminar understands those complex environments and discovers, classifies and protects that data for them. 

Given that more than 75% of organizations experienced a cloud data breach in 2023 (according to our research), and the cost of that breach can be millions of dollars, it’s essential to rely on an agile cloud data security platform to gain control over cloud data and reduce the chances of it landing in the wrong hands. By deploying the Laminar platform, organizations can provide better support for data scientists’ and developers’ daily activities while both elevating their security teams to business enablers and enabling them to secure cloud data—very little additional training required. 

Read the press release announcing the enhanced support or contact us to talk about how Laminar can support your multi-cloud data security needs.

Dave Stuart

Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Dave Stuart is Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Laminar, a leader in agile data security for the cloud, where he is responsible for product and launch planning, content creation, and analyst relations. Dave is a 20+ year security industry veteran having held product and marketing management positions at industry luminary companies such as Symantec, Sourcefire, Cisco, Tenable, and ZeroFox. Dave holds a BSEE/CS from University of Illinois, and an MBA from Northwestern Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

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