Laminar integrates with Amazon Security Lake, a service announced at re:Invent 2022. Amazon Security Lake allows customers to build a security data lake from integrated cloud and on-premises data sources as well as from their private applications. With support for the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) standard, Amazon Security Lake reduces the complexity and costs for customers to make their security solutions’ data accessible to address a variety of security use cases such as threat detection, investigation, and incident response.

Everything’s Better with Bacon (Data-context)

Over time, the vision for Laminar and Amazon Security Lake is to be able to enhance security events, security investigations, and risk models with data context via Laminar. Laminar is the leader in discovering, classifying and cataloging ALL your sensitive data in the cloud. Now that you have visibility to where your sensitive data is, imagine adding that data context to all your other security activities.

A server is compromised, what data was on there? What other data did that server have access to? Data context at your fingertips is a huge aid in forensics investigations. Another example is vulnerability scanning; knowing which boxes have sensitive data helps you prioritize which vulnerabilities to patch first. These are just a few examples. Everything’s better with bacon, ahem, I mean, data context.

Spend Time Where it Matters with OCSF

Data scientists and security practitioners today spend too much time trying to normalize security data across vendors in order to gain insights. Laminar is proud to support the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) for the Amazon Security Lake integration that makes it easier for customers to combine logs from disparate security solutions for more efficient threat detection, investigation, or incident response.

Our initial integration is supplying Laminar’s found security events to Amazon Security Lake, making the data available for additional analytics use cases such as security investigations.

Data, Data Everywhere

Amazon Security Lake is just another example of the power of data and why data democratization is enhancing the way business operates. Unfortunately, as the volume of data increases so do the costs as well as the risks. Amazon Security Lake is architected to allow you to store data more efficiently allowing you to keep more data around for longer for valuable insights or forensics. By applying data context to other security solutions, Laminar’s cloud data security platform helps decouple data risk from data growth allowing successful data democratization, but safely. With the volume of data collected and processed in the cloud increasing exponentially today, data-centric security is a must.


Laminar is proud to integrate with Amazon Security Lake, adding data context to security events for better risk models, effective investigations and efficient remediation. Complete cloud security involves application, infrastructure, identity and data security solutions and Amazon Security Lake will allow customers to derive combined insights across these disciplines.

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VP of Business Development

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