Laminar Manifesto

We drive our business and our vision by some core principles in our overall mission. Here they are.

Data is no longer a commodity
  • It is a key asset and source for differentiation for every organization.
  • It should be democratized to unleash its full potential.
  • It should drive digital change.

  • It can only be borrowed for a limited time.
  • Data privacy must be kept.
  • Data security must be the number one priority.
  • Data leakage is unacceptable.

  • Increasing data usage and sharing without increasing the risk.
  • Enforcing strict data policies without slowing down development.
  • Empowering data protection teams without creating friction with developers.

  • To help data protection teams become enablers for the organization.
  • To make it easy to use and protect data.
  • To drive data-driven commercial success.
  • To build trust with users.


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