Advancing the healthcare industry is a core part of this medical device company’s mission. Access to company and patient data is vital to developing their innovative technology, but with increasing threats and regulatory requirements that vary between countries, the company must also prioritize data security. In this environment, it’s too easy for shadow data to grow, unknown and likely unsecured.

The MedTech company grew rapidly; before long, they outgrew their manual data discovery and classification processes. In a multi-cloud environment, data is dynamic, constantly being moved, copied, and modified and security struggles to keep up with the speed of innovation in the cloud.

“We started working with more data, and on top of that, the team had grown, so more people were handling the data and increasing the risk of mistakes. It was critical to understand what data was where.”  -R&D Group Leader 

The MedTech company began searching for a data security solution that:

  • Provided visibility into RDS, DynamoDB, and non-schematic (unstructured) data stores like S3 buckets.
  • Had the flexibility to customize data types so they could manage uniquely relevant data in addition to PHI and PII.
  • Enabled them to meet regulatory requirements and automatically alerted the team of any violations. 

They chose Laminar’s data security posture management (DSPM) solution because it fulfills all of these requirements and more. It autonomously and continuously discovers, classifies, and protects known and unknown data across all cloud platforms, providing complete visibility.

“Laminar gives us the confidence to be agile because we know everyone is using data in accordance with our policies.” – R&D Group Leader

Delve into our complete MedTech data security case study to see how the company’s engineering, DevOps, and data science teams have improved the organization’s overall cloud security posture while also enabling agile innovation. 

Or do you want to learn more about data security posture management? This in-depth DSPM guide covers everything you need to know, from what DSPM is to how it compares to existing approaches, and more!

Noam Perel

Director of Technical Success

Noam Perel is the Director of Technical Success at Laminar, where he works closely with enterprise customers to maximize the value they get from the Laminar data security platform. His background in cybersecurity is unique and extensive with 10 years of experience, including serving in the 8200 unit. He developed architectures and strategies through multiple verticals. He led multiple positions that included everything from core product engineering work to working closely with clients.

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