Cloud data is the fastest-moving threat that CISOs face.

Data security for the cloud traps most CISOs between a rock and a hard place: Either you stall innovation (while data security teams catch up), or encourage innovation (but assume inevitable risk). Laminar solves this dilemma. Addressing the 3 challenges below will put you ahead of your peers — and competition.

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Solve 3 major cloud data security risks with Laminar


Data breaches (and the 99% problem)

  • The Problem

    Huge volumes of shadow data, created by users copying, duplicating and storing sensitive data in places your security team is not aware of.

  • The Risk

    SSNs, passwords, intellectual property and more: all exposed to bad actors. Application and infrastructure tools are blind to the data-level risk that results in breaches.

  • The Cost

    Even the best existing solutions face the 99% problem: they can’t guarantee complete protection. And if just 1% of your sensitive data is exposed, you risk catastrophe.

Find and remediate 100% of your publicly exposed data

  • The Solution

    Only Laminar provides 100% visibility of your public cloud data. It scans your entire cloud environment and automatically detects every data store and sensitive asset.

  • The Result

    Laminar gives your teams complete data observability. You can discover, prioritize and remediate existing shadow data assets, and continuously reveal new ones as they’re created.

  • The Benefit

    Discover and protect 100% of your sensitive data in the cloud for a more secure environment and quicker, more informed security decision-making that keeps pace with cloud usage.

Fight back against data breaches with Laminar


Data ownership and accountability headaches

  • The Problem

    Change is a constant for enterprises. Whether it’s restructuring, acquisitions, staff turnover or otherwise, it’s hard to maintain clarity over who owns what cloud data assets.

  • The Risk

    The natural pace of enterprise change is a breeding ground for shadow data proliferation.

  • The Cost

    The longer time goes on, the worse it gets. This makes manual remediation almost impossible, as there’s no visibility or coherence between assets, owners and credentials.

Ensure everything created in the public cloud stays found, even when ownership evolves

  • The Solution

    Laminar discovers and classifies all of your assets autonomously, mapping assets to owners and enabling good data hygiene.

  • The Result

    When someone leaves (or you inherit new teams and data through an M&A) there’s no more confusion, opacity, or scrambling for missing information.

  • The Benefit

    You get automatic observability into ownership that feeds faster, more effective remediation and saves valuable resources otherwise spent following up with forensic discovery.

Stay on top of data ownership with Laminar


A gap between developer and security agility

  • The Problem

    Cloud data usage produces growth and risk in equal measure. How do you decouple them?

  • The Risk

    You can’t slow your cloud users down. But day-to-day risk creation is now impossible to ignore.

  • The Cost

    The fastest-growing businesses are the most effective users of cloud. Security can’t slow the business down. Either you accept a loss of security, or you catch up to the new pace.

Provide the right guard rails for cloud innovation

  • The Solution

    Get simple, out-of-the-box data security policies (or create your own) to maximize control and agility across the organization.

  • The Result

    Automated policy validation and enforcement gives you guard rails for innovation.

  • The Benefit

    You get to create and enact the right data security policies for the right circumstances, supporting developers without limiting speed and flexibility.

Embrace agile data security with Laminar

Every day, your teams leave behind unintentional risk

It’s an unwanted side effect of using data in the cloud to create value. We call it the Innovation Attack Surface — and its costs can be devastating:

Data breaches

The average breach costs millions of dollars and priceless reputational damage.

Unclear data ownership

When developers leave, their cloud data stores become invisible, creating unmonitored “shadow” data.

A gap between developer and security agility

You’re under pressure to keep the organization secure but can’t foster business innovation or cloud growth without loss of control.

Get agile data security at the speed of innovation. Laminar helps you:

Autonomously discover and classify sensitive data across your cloud accounts.

Enforce data policies and best practices to control your data.

Detect risky access without interrupting valid data flow.

We’re cloud-native, easy to install, agentless and asynchronous (for zero performance impact).

Get time to value in less than a week.

Join the world’s brightest CISOs. Choose Laminar.

Data transforms your business, Laminar secures it. Learn how.

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  • Next steps for securing your data in the cloud

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