ESG White Paper: Cloud Data Security Strategies for 2023

ESG White Paper: Cloud Data Security Strategies for 2023

With the increasing use of cloud technologies, organizations have democratized their use of data. Now it’s faster, easier, and more seamless than ever before to move, copy and share data. But with data so accessible to those who would use it for business innovation, it’s equally necessary to find new ways to protect that data, especially the most sensitive data, from exposure. 

This white paper, by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a division of TechTarget, Inc., and commissioned by Laminar, introduces why data security in the cloud is so difficult, the challenges a data security strategy must address, what capabilities are needed for an effective framework, and how effectively protecting the most sensitive data requires a platform that combines:

  • check iconCloud data landscape – that discovers known and unknown data and classifies it. 
  • check iconData security posture management (DSPM) – to ensure that data has the correct security posture no matter where it travels. 
  • check iconData access governance (DAG) – to tightly control access to the data elements and avoid overexposure. 
  • check iconData detection and response (DDR) – that monitors data activity and alerts on suspicious behavior. 

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