Achieve Data Security & Management at the Speed of Cloud [e-book]

Achieve Data Security & Management at the Speed of Cloud [e-book]

Cloud has transformed the world. It allowed multiple revolutions in the tech ecosystem, and enabled great innovation. Together with the cloud revolution, data has become a staple in all modern enterprises. The cloud allows us to dynamically scale up resources, and that includes data resources.

Data science teams have joined developers in the race to deploy data-first modern technology. This has made the job of data security teams harder than ever. It requires rethinking data security and solving this problem from first principles. This eBook describes the current challenges of running a data security program for the cloud, and compares available solutions to address this problem.

 What You Will Learn

  • How the Public Cloud Changed Data Protection
  • The Current State of Public Cloud Data Protection
  • What is shadow data with real world breach examples
  • The requirements for effective cloud data protection
  • Why available products weren’t enough, until Laminar

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