Cloud Data Security made simple:  Laminar DeepScan<sup>™️</sup> Technology for AWS

Cloud Data Security made simple: Laminar DeepScan™️ Technology for AWS

This whitepaper is designed for the technical audience to look a tad deeper into how we do it. Laminar’s Cloud Data Security Platform is based on our cloud-native DeepScan Technology that is both agentless, asynchronous, and with zero interruption to performance or data flow making it very simple and fast so customers can start to derive value from Laminar literally in a matter of minutes. This whitepaper will focus on the AWS environment and although DeepScan is very similar for Azure and GCP the exact cloud-native methods are native to each cloud service provider (CSP).

Highlights of Laminar’s DeepScan Technology for AWS

  • Laminar is installed with just a few clicks.
  • Data discovery is done without the need for any user/owner credentials.
  • Laminar creates lambda functions to read and classify data.
  • Data remains secure within the environment.
  • Laminar raises alerts when data is improperly accessed.

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