State of Cloud Data Security Report 2023

State of Cloud Data Security Report 2023

Laminar’s second-annual State of Cloud Data Security Report 2023 provides compelling insights into the current state of cloud data security with cloud data breaches and concern over shadow data both up significantly over last year. Fortunately we can see the industry begin to take action. The report also demonstrates the need for cloud-native security solutions that can provide full data observability, autonomous monitoring, and control across companies’ multi-cloud environments.

The bad news is breaches are up, the good news is now 97% of respondents claim to have a dedicated data security team, up from 58% last year. Download today to see what your peers are saying.

What You Will Learn In the Cloud Data Security Report 2023

  • Cloud data breaches are still growing and why
  • How data proliferates in the cloud and results in a new innovation attack surface
  • How the industry is responding by setting up dedicated data security teams
  • What shadow data is and that it’s now the No. 1 challenge to protecting cloud data
  • Why the majority of data security teams are adopting cloud-native tools
  • The industries need for Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) solutions
  • Why choose Laminar to protect cloud data

Highlights of the Cloud Data Security Report 2023

  • 77% of organization had their public cloud data breached in the last year, up from 51% the year before
  • Shadow data is now the #1 challenge in protecting cloud data
  • 93% of senior data security professionals are concerned about shadow data
  • 97% of organizations now have a dedicated team for data security up significantly from last year
  • 95% of data professionals agree that cloud environments are different enough from on-premises infrastructures to warrant unique solutions

Read the report to see how you compare.

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