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Laminar Adds Google Cloud, Snowflake Support and Becomes First Cloud-native Data Security Platform to Fully Support the Four Largest Cloud Data Providers

Adding Google Cloud and Snowflake to its existing AWS and Azure support enables Laminar to provide comprehensive data protection for multi-cloud data organizations

TEL AVIV & NEW YORK, April 18, 2023  – Laminar, the first agile data security platform, today announced it has added Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Snowflake to its existing support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The additions make the Laminar Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) solution the first cloud-native data security platform to support all major cloud service providers (CSPs) and data warehouse environments.

Ninety-percent of large enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud infrastructure. Each CSP has dozens of ways to store, share and process data. These services each have their own controls that must be configured to secure data, resulting in hard-to-manage architectures that are constantly changing and require deep expertise. The increasing adoption of cloud technologies to drive data innovation, combined with the sheer proliferation of known and “shadow” (unknown) data, as well as the faster rate of change for developers, has created a new threat vector called the innovation attack surface. Unlike traditional attack surfaces determined by external forces or bad internal actors, the innovation attack surface results from the massive, decentralized and unintentional risk created by data scientists and developers driving innovation.

Data security, governance and compliance teams require a unified solution that decouples data growth from data risk and empowers innovators without increasing the innovation attack surface. By adding Snowflake and GCP, the Laminar Platform can address more use cases with a consistent, autonomous solution for all of an organization’s data security needs including governance and privacy requirements. Laminar is the first solution that can accommodate the broad spectrum of data asset types commonplace in today’s multi-cloud enterprises.

“In the cloud-native era we live in today, data-driven organizations are the ones to come out on top. It’s critical that cloud data is protected, and on-premises data security solutions just can’t keep up with its volume, complexity and dynamic nature, especially across multiple cloud platforms,” said Amit Shaked, CEO and co-founder of Laminar. “Data stakeholders need to understand data exposure and mitigate risk no matter how diversified the data environment is. By adding support for GCP and Snowflake, data innovators can benefit from the agility they need to innovate faster and safer, and security teams can have peace of mind knowing their data is secure.”

Laminar gives chief information security officers (CISOs), chief product officers (CPOs), chief data officers (CDOs) and their teams the visibility and control they need to achieve data security, privacy and governance initiatives across multi-cloud environments and data warehouses. The Laminar Platform provides autonomous and continuous data discovery, classification and protection via a unified console. The platform deploys in minutes and integrates with any existing security stacks and process flows, empowering data security and data governance teams to deliver agile data security at the speed of the cloud.

“As data continues to grow and evolve within the environment, it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain complete visibility over the changes. Therefore, we wanted to implement a centralized system that would support all of our cloud providers and enable us to gain better control over our data. Our top priority is to prevent any unauthorized exposure of our customer’s data, and we believe Laminar will help us achieve that goal,” said Dror Zilberman, Senior Security Engineer at WalkMe, a leading digital adoption platform provider.

Learn more about how data security teams can use Laminar for autonomous and continuous data discovery, classification, and protection across AWS, Azure, GCP, and Snowflake at

About Laminar

Laminar is the leading agile data security platform and provides organizations the visibility and control they need to achieve data security, governance, and privacy in the cloud. Our cloud-native Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) solution continuously discovers and classifies all cloud data, structured and unstructured, across managed and self-hosted data stores, including unknown shadow data, without the data ever leaving your environment. It analyzes access, usage patterns, and security posture, and provides actionable, guided remediation for data security risk. Laminar connects to your multi-cloud environment including AWS, Azure, GCP, and Snowflake via APIs and is agentless, asynchronous, and completely autonomous.


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