Discover, Prioritize, Secure, and Monitor your data In AWS

The first cloud-native data security platform for everything you build and run in AWS.

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Our Process for Securing AWS Cloud Data

Laminar autonomously discovers, prioritizes, secures and monitors your data

across all types of AWS services: ECS, RDS, S3 and more .

  • 1
    Continuously finds and classifies known and Shadow Data across AWS services with zero effort
  • 2
    Prioritizes data assets according to sensitivity, volume, data security posture and exposure per our risk model
  • 3
    Provides Data Security Posture Management with best data security practices, remediation, and data risk reduction
  • 4
    Prioritized data access monitoring for Data Leak Protection by uncovering access anomalies in real time
Activity Analysis Dashboard: AWS Cloud Data Security Platform - Laminar Security

Your Data Stays Safe in Your AWS Environment

Since Laminar’s platform is optimized for cloud-native, secure stacks, it fits seamlessly with cloud-native architectures.
Your data stays safe in your AWS account, While only metadata about the security findings is sent to the Laminar Cloud.

Security Findings Metadata Transferred From AWS to Laminar Cloud - Laminar Security