Discover, Prioritize, Secure, And Monitor Your Data In AWS

The first cloud-native data security platform for everything you
build and run in AWS.

Laminar is available through the AWS Marketplace

  • Consolidated billing mechanisms
  • Streamlined procurement
  • Spend committed AWS budget (EDP)

Laminar autonomously discovers, prioritizes, secures and monitors your data across all types of AWS services: ECS, RDS, S3 and more.

  • 1
    Continuously finds and classifies known and Shadow Data across AWS services with zero effort
  • 2
    Prioritizes data assets according to sensitivity, volume, data security posture and exposure per our risk model
  • 3
    Provides Data Security Posture Management with best data security practices, remediation, and data risk reduction
  • 4
    Prioritized data access monitoring for Data Leak Protection by uncovering access anomalies in real time

Since Laminar’s platform is optimized for cloud-native, secure stacks, it fits seamlessly with cloud-native architectures.

Your data stays safe in AWS while only metadata is sent to the Laminar Cloud.