Data Protection at the speed of cloud

Reduce the attack surface, detect real-time data leaks and put you back in control of your data. Continuous and asynchronous monitoring with zero performance impact to know where your sensitive data is, to know who has access, to understand the data risk posture and to detect leaks.

  1. Full public cloud data observability without slowing development

    Laminar connects directly with your cloud account to agentlessly scan your entire environment and automatically discover ALL data stores. We developed a novel technology that gives us visibility whether the data asset is managed by the cloud provider or not, whether it is a formal data store or in compute, and whether it’s public or isolated.

  2. Automatically discover shadow data stores

    Because Laminar observes your entire cloud account we are able to automatically detect ALL data stores not just known ones or manually tagged instances. Cloud-first organizations are moving fast and although we trust, sometimes developers are moving too fast to inform all parties. Laminar’s full data observability allows us to detect shadow data stores and even will direct you to the appropriate owner.

  3. Protect your data with automated risk assessment

    Based on our broad data and metadata observability, for each data element in use, Laminar’s platform automatically assess data risk posture: is your security policy being followed? Encryption, access, geo-boundry? In addition, out of the box controls from Laminar’s team of offensive security researchers check for gaps in data protection best practices.

  4. A last line of defense with cloud leak detection

    Laminar monitors all egress channels for changes and alerts for unsanctioned changes. Our platform then monitors data transfers in live environments and detects anomalies and suspicious deviations from the baseline. Such anomalies can be in the datatype, volume, rate, or unusual communication channel, and more. All this is done asynchronously to have zero impact on performance or data flow.

  5. Guided remediation with data context

    Often security solutions find violations, but who do you talk with to remediate? By analyzing logs and metadata we are able to identify important data context and combines with rules and policies built by our Laminar Labs team, our technology understands what are the most critical issues to tackle, and delivers them to the user in a precise and actionable way. Every issue is resolvable, period.

Make your data flows Laminar!