Cloud Security Use Cases

How Laminar helps organizations effortlessly discover, protect, and manage data in the cloud to reduce risk, maintain compliance, and enable safe innovation.

Automate Data Discovery and Classification

In the cloud an accurate data inventory is virtually impossible without automation due to the proliferation of data and the pace of change. Laminar automatically and continuously discovers and classifies ALL sensitive, proprietary, and regulated data, including shadow data, across AWS, Azure, GCP, and Snowflake, creating easy to consume data mapping to meet your security, privacy, and governance requirements. Stay up to date and track changes without having to report or rescan data on your own. There’s no need for connectors, access credentials, or lists of data assets, nor is data ever sent outside your environment.

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Laminar Security Automatic enforcement of data security policies in the cloud

Enforce Data Security Policies Automatically

Today you may have detailed data security policies, but how do you know they are being followed? The only way is manually and that’s a failed endeavor. Enforce data security policies at scale for all your data as it travels through the cloud. Laminar highlights the most valuable data that organizations must protect, considering the data’s content and current security posture. Continuously monitor security posture drift against extensive pre-built policies aligned with security best practices, compliance frameworks, and privacy regulations. Customize existing policies or create your own to meet your unique business requirements. Get notified (or alerted) when violations occur and receive actionable remediation advice via seamless integrations with your existing ticketing and workflow tools.

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Control Data Exposure

As data proliferates, security does not follow. Often fast-moving data proliferation mistakenly leads to over-exposed data. Pinpoint all exposed sensitive data that can lead to data breaches, ransomware attacks, and non-compliance penalties – whether it’s misplaced data (e.g., sensitive data mistakenly stored in public buckets), misconfigured controls (e.g., third-party access granted to sensitive data), or overly-permissive access. Utilize out-of-the-box or custom policies to automatically detect, prioritize, and monitor exposure violations and remediate them with detailed evidence and actionable advice.

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Laminar Security Control Data Exposure in the cloud
Laminar SecurityControl Data-centric Environment Segmentation

Control Data-centric Environment Segmentation

Several security and compliance frameworks such as CIS, PCI, and GDPR contain requirements on where various forms of data should or should not be stored. However, knowing, let alone enforcing this segmentation is impossible to do manually in dynamic cloud environments. Separate sensitive data and apply additional security controls to comply with security and regulatory requirements. Detect and receive alerts when sensitive or regulated data is placed in untrusted/unauthorized environments. Review violations and take action to remove the data from the segment or authorize the new environment.

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Comply with Data Sovereignty

More new and different privacy regulations appear constantly, especially for global businesses, and keeping up, let alone enforcing is a challenging task. Detect and receive alerts when sensitive and regulated data violates data residency requirements for CPRA, GDPR, and more. Laminar provides visibility into data store geolocations and data movement across cloud environments and regions. And because Laminar utilizes serverless functions that leverage APIs to scan your environment, data never leaves your cloud environment for maximum security and privacy.

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Comply with Data Sovereignty
Comply with Data Privacy and Governance Frameworks

Comply with Data Privacy and Governance Frameworks

Compliance is a daunting task, but with proper evidence it can make things much easier. Streamline evidence collection for internal and external privacy and governance stakeholders through autonomous data discovery and classification of your sensitive and regulated data. Utilize Laminar’s data policy engine to continuously enforce regulatory compliance and standards requirements for data,  regardless of the underlying technology or location. Easily ensure all data is properly owned and tagged to fast-track evidence collection for records of processing activities (RopA) and answer data subject access requests (DSAR).

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