We did it! We survived another year’s RSA Conference. I don’t know about you, but my pedometer is still in shock from the 48,621 steps I clocked. And let’s not forget about the whirl of socializing and networking, which makes this conference probably the most socially demanding of all of the year’s events. With 3.5 days of expo hall madness (and don’t even get me started on the extended hours this year), it’s a miracle we made it through. 

Despite feeling like a marathon, there were some valuable nuggets of wisdom I picked up that I think are worth sharing. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into some highlights from RSA Conference 2023.

Conferences are back…I mean they are BACK.

The excitement was alive and this year RSAC was back to its pre-pandemic levels with around 40,000 attendees (compared to the 2022 attendee count of around 26,000 and the year before that—well, it was virtual). I even heard from a source that there were over 50k attendees that registered this year. Can you believe that? San Francisco was bursting at the seams once more and attendees were excited to once more be able to network, learn, and collaborate. 

The buzziest words of the week: data security

It seems like “data security” has become the new “hello” in cybersecurity. We kept hearing these two buzzwords over and over again. 

The prevalence of the words “data security” throughout the week at RSAC highlights the importance of this concept in the current cybersecurity landscape. The exponential growth of data in the cloud generated by individuals, businesses, and governments, coupled with the rise of cyber threats has made it crucial to prioritize data security in the cloud. Data security teams have lost visibility into their cloud data, because they can’t keep up with the sheer volume of this data and its distributed and dynamic nature.

The overwhelming chatter about data security hammers home the point that: (1) there is an urgent need for organizations to prioritize cloud data security and (2) it’s important for us to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity trends and technologies. 

DSPM unraveled – the 50,000 foot view

Well, the term DSPM certainly has us all scratching our heads, doesn’t  it? Many attendees at RSAC knew the term DSPM, but they wanted to learn more and deep dive into unraveling the mysteries of this elusive acronym. So let’s take a short deep dive into the subject of DSPM.

In short, data security posture management (DSPM), is the hottest trend in cybersecurity. Also known as cloud data security posture management (CDSPM), it has become an essential practice in the cybersecurity world. It addresses the complex challenges posed by the rapid proliferation of sensitive data across multiple cloud environments. DSPM ensures that regulated data has the correct security posture, regardless of its location, and provides organizations with practical solutions to secure their cloud data. To achieve this, DSPMs discover, classify, detect, alert, prioritize, and provide remediation playbooks for all cloud data. In short, this emerging technology is critical to a defense-in-depth strategy and just what you always wanted – one more acronym to add to your cybersecurity arsenal!

Think of DSPM as the knight in shining armor swooping in to save the day by battling the “innovation attack surface” , a new kind of threat that’s created by your organizations’ brightest minds using data every day to innovate. This is where DSPM swoops in, providing a way to let them continue innovating at speed while also protecting against the accidental risk they create as they move, copy, and share data.

the DSPM Knights in shining armor, ready to fight data risk!
(Caption: the DSPM Knights in shining armor, ready to fight data risk!)

So what does this all mean? Looking into the crystal ball of continuous technological innovation, we can see a future filled with promise and peril. As businesses continue moving to the cloud to obtain a competitive advantage, the amount of sensitive data will only continue to grow. Thankfully, DSPM is here to help us keep track of our sensitive data in the cloud. But that doesn’t mean we can get complacent. The bad guys are still out there and continue to evolve, and so must we. So the future is bright and exciting, because one thing is for sure: DSPM is only going to increase in importance as our data continues to grow and become more complex. The only things we know for sure? Acronyms aren’t going anywhere anytime soon in cybersecurity and DSPM is an essential one to add to your list. 


After surviving 48,621 steps in 4 days I can confidently say that the cybersecurity industry is hopping and conferences are BACK and better than ever. The world will continue to rapidly change and the focus on data security was a clear indication that cybersecurity professionals are aware of the importance of protecting data, and are actively seeking ways to improve their organizations’ data security. The conference was an excellent platform for attendees to learn about the latest technologies and trends, share best practices, and connect with other professionals in the field.. (And of course, maybe also to have a little fun with Kaskade)

me having a little fun with Kaskade at the SentinelOne/Laminar FOMO Party
(Caption: me having a little fun with Kaskade at the SentinelOne/Laminar FOMO Party)

Well, that’s an RSAC 23’ wrap folks! Until next year… Peace.

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