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The leading data security posture management platform for everything you build and run on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Snowflake.

Cloud Data Security. Simplified.

Prevent Sensitive Data Exposure

Automatically pinpoint all your exposed sensitive data and remediate. Even unknown (shadow) data. Whether it’s misplaced data, misconfigured controls or over-exposed access.

Cloud Data Security: Prevent Sensitive Data Exposure - Laminar Security

Shrink the Data Attack Surface

Eliminate data you don’t need to better protect the data you do. Identify and remediate all data security violations to ensure proper controls across your cloud environment.

Cloud Data Security: Proper Management of the Cloud Environment - Laminar Security

Maintain Continuous Compliance

Keep a real-time inventory of all cloud data, including its location and security posture. Access audit-ready reports by data type or mandate with the click of a button.

Cloud Data Security: Cloud Data Inventory in Real-Time - Laminar Security

Reduce Cloud Costs

Stop paying storage fees for unknown and unused data. Continuously find all abandoned, orphaned, and redundant data, with all the context you need to make deletion an easy decision.

Cloud Data Security: Reduce Cloud Costs - Laminar Security

The solution to your data security challenges

I would like to know how to…

  • Find all my cloud data

    You cannot protect what you can’t see. This is fundamental to data regulation frameworks such as GDPR, CCPA, and Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC). Yet, security teams are largely unaware of the growing stream of data sources they are responsible for. Laminar autonomously discovers, classifies, and catalogs ALL known and unknown (shadow) data across all cloud platforms.

  • Protect my sensitive data from public exposure

    Public assets are used to share data with customers and business partners.These assets can also contain sensitive shadow data that shouldn’t be publicly exposed. Laminar analyzes data access at the object level and continuously detects, alerts, and helps you remediate sensitive data that is publicly exposed.

  • Verify and Enforce Data Security Policies

    As sensitive data is copied, shared, and moved throughout the cloud, its original security controls rarely move with it. For instance, if the source data is encrypted in a production environment, it is likely to be disabled when it is moved to a lower environment. Laminar automatically finds, prioritizes, and helps you fix policy violations for all your cloud data as it travels through your cloud environment.

  • Simplify Cloud Data Access Policies

    Complex data access policies provide flexibility for developers but are a nightmare for security teams. Even small updates to complex policies have been known to cause accidental data exposures. Laminar continuously monitors data access rights and usage to ensure access policies remain intact.

Find My Cloud Data DSPM Solution - Laminar Security
Cloud Data Security Report

We Help You Discover, Classify, and Protect
Data at The Speed of Cloud


Continuously and autonomously discover, classify, and catalog all known and shadow data at scale across your public cloud environment.


Prioritize all data according to its risk profile based on sensitivity level, security posture, volume, and exposure.


Assess the security posture status of sensitive data against extensive pre-built security policies, alert on violations and provide actionable remediation recommendations.


Continuously monitor new and modified data assets against stated security posture and compliance requirements, regardless of where the data moves in the cloud

Re-imagining Data Security For the Cloud

Plug and Play Security

No need to provide a list of every data asset, the location, access credentials, or data owner. We do it all for you. And you never have to worry about notifying us of new datastores as they are added.

Zero Disruption

Laminar’s platform is agentless and runs in asynchronous mode so there is no impact to your workloads or data assets’ performance.


Laminar utilizes serverless functions that leverage APIs to scan your environment, so your data always stays in your cloud environment for maximum security.

Fast Time-to-Value

Laminar deploys in 5 minutes and presents comprehensive findings of your sensitive at-risk data within a week.

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