Public Cloud Data Protection

Laminar is the first and only platform that provides full data observability across your entire public cloud. Data protection teams can reduce the attack surface, detect real-time data leaks and get back in control of their data.

  • Agentless – Connect in minutes.
  • Asynchronous – Zero performance hit,
    no interruption of flow.
  • Coming in early 2022!
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Remove the friction, eliminate the risk.

Traditional data protection solutions haven’t adjusted to the new cloud-native environment. Data security and privacy workflows, reviews, committees, and assessments are therefore manual, create friction with developers, and expose data to exfiltration and security risks.

See how you can seamlessly and continuously control the data.

Public Cloud Data Protection Requirements

  • Where is my sensitive data?

  • Who has access?

  • What is the security posture?

  • Who is the process owner?

  • Where is my data going?

Where is my sensitive data?

Data protection teams often are having to work blind. Laminar provides complete visibility by scanning the live, dynamic environments in your public cloud accounts. Laminar automatically discovers and classifies all sensitive data, in managed and unmanaged data stores as well as compute.

Who has access?

Laminar provides continuous monitoring of who has access, enabling identification of over-privileged access, allowing for productive discussions with data owners as well as permitting detection of dangerous or anomalous activity.

What is the security posture?

Today data security controls are paper policies that are manually enforced. Laminar automates the data risk assessment process, monitoring your data security posture and prioritizing data risk violations of policy and best practices.

Who is the process owner?

Security’s lament is, I know I have a problem, but I don’t know who to contact to fix it. Laminar pinpoints the target asset, workload, datastore and data context as well as data and process owners to enable easy remediation.

Where is my data going?

Laminar monitors all egress channels, scanning for unexpected changes as well as anomalistic activity. Allowing sanctioned data movements and alerting when something’s wrong

Trust but Verify with Automated Continuous Monitoring

  • Discover and Classify

  • Secure and Control

  • Detect Leaks and Remediate

Today’s Experience
  • Periodic interviews with application owners to identify sensitive data stores that are out of date days later.
  • Data protection teams are blind to cloud data. Changing too fast for old methods to work.
  • Totally manual. Trust but no verify.
  • Automatically discover ALL sensitive datastores in your public cloud.
  • Full coverage including managed and unmanaged datastores as well as compute.
  • Automated classification of sensitive data to enforce proper policy.
Today’s Experience
  • Written policies with little to no enforcement.
  • Trust that developers will find policy and properly implement.
  • Laborious and manual audit of policy compliance leaves gaps.
  • Always-on policy enforcement across multi-cloud environment.
  • Continuous and clear visibility into data security posture.
  • Prioritized alerts for violations with data and owner context.
Today’s Experience
  • Traditional DLP covers on-premises only.
  • Emerging DLP for SaaS. Nothing for IaaS and PaaS infrastructure.
  • Data protection teams have limited to zero visibility into public cloud.
  • Asynchronous leak detection across entire multi-cloud infrastructure.
  • Maps and monitors all data egress channels.
  • Allows sanctioned data flows and alerts for anomalistic and risky activity.
Josh Jaffe

Data protection teams are blind to where sensitive data resides in the cloud, and legacy data protection solutions are no longer keeping pace with evolving cloud environments. Laminar is launching at a time when these teams are in desperate need of cloud-native data security platforms, purpose built for cloud environments.

Head of Global Technical Privacy

Laminar’s approach to data observability – which consists of understanding data early on in the process – is exciting. With the sheer volume of data we have at the tail end of the process, no other solution that depends upon DB scanning has worked for us.

Sr. Director, Cloud Infrastructure

Laminar’s solution helps me sleep at night. In this world of cloud-first where the pace of change is so fast and the complexity is so high, there’s just no other way to protect your data, and Laminar removes all of the manual steps.

Full Observability, Easy to Deploy

Built upon cutting-edge technology, Laminar provides the only Public Cloud Data Protection solution that provides full visibility and enforcement capabilities across your entire public cloud infrastructure.


No agent, No code.
Simple view-only cloud role.
Deploy in minutes.


Nothing in-line.
Nothing disrupting data flow.

Zero concerns

No latency overhead.
Private data never leaves your environment.

Make your data flows Laminar!