Laminar Platform

Secure all your data seamlessly across multi-cloud environments

Preventive and detective controls for posture management, access governance, threat monitoring and response to secure all of your data and empower rapid innovation without the risks.

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One integrated platform.
Complete data protection.

Enable your team to keep pace and protect what matters most – your data – with Laminar’s cloud-native comprehensive data security platform.

Data Detection and Response (DDR)

React Instantly to threats and minimize downtime.

Detect data breaches as they occur to quickly contain active threats and minimize potential damage to your business.

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

Obtain real-time, data-driven insights to make proactive security decisions.

Enforce policy, safeguard sensitive data, and apply risk-based prioritization to focus first on what matters most.

Data Access Governance (DAG)

Ensure only the right people access your data.

Minimize blast radius from data leaks by controlling user and machine access to sensitive data and ensuring least privilege.

Data Landscape Intelligence

Data Discovery & Classification

Gain a complete view of all your cloud and on-prem data.

View your asset and data inventory with contextual intelligence from autonomous discovery and classification of all your cloud data.

Privacy & Compliance

Effortlessly meet data security regulations.

Avoid fines and reduce audit costs by ensuring data security practices align with regulations and standards. Generate audit-ready compliance reports.

Cloud-native data security platform

Cloud data gets created, copied, shared, and moved rapidly. Legacy manual or connector-based techniques cannot keep pace. Laminar solves this with its comprehensive, cloud-native design

Laminar Security Secure Scanning

Secure scanning

Discovery and classification occurs 100% within your environment — your data never leaves. Our role only permits metadata to be sent to Laminar for further analysis and reporting.

High-Fidelity AI

Rational, high-fidelity AI

Laminar employs AI smartly to optimize classification accuracy while keeping your data secure in your own environment. Dynamic ML models combine usage telemetry and Laminar Labs research to deliver low false positive data tagging in the most cost-effective manner.

High-Fidelity AI
Agentless Architecture

Agentless architecture

Laminar deploys effortlessly, without needing an agent or connectors, and utilizes serverless functions that leverage CSP APIs and an ephemeral disk clone to asynchronously scan your environment without impacting performance.

Autonomous discovery

Autonomous discovery

Discover all cloud-resident data automatically without credentials or having to know where your data is located (to find known as well as unknown shadow data!)

Autonomous discovery
Contextual Understanding

Contextual understanding

Gain data insights and awareness including the data owner, the content type, object size, location, when created and last accessed, top users, posture, and more.

Risk Prioritization

Risk assessment

Continuously assess and apply risk-based prioritization of detected policy violations based on the sensitivity, volume, security posture, and exposure of your discovered data.

Risk Prioritization
Guided Remediation

Guided remediation

Get a full analysis of why a security or compliance violation exists, supporting evidence, and expert step-by-step technical fix recommendations, saving time and reducing complexity.

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