Observe and protect your data across public cloud environments

Gain complete data observability, data security posture management, and data leakage protection across your entire public cloud stack. The result is reduction of the attack surface and detection of real-time data leaks, putting you back in control of your data.

Discover and Classify

A simple connection to cloud account delivers complete data observability and discovery across the entire public cloud stack without an agent. Coverage includes both managed and unmanaged data stores as well as compute.

Secure and Control

Laminar autonomously enforces data security, preventing sensitive data from being exposed in the cloud. Enforce data policy as well as security best practices. Prioritized alerts help reduce the attack surface.

Detect Leaks and Remediate

Laminar provides asynchronous monitoring of data egress channels and detects those unsanctioned or risky without interruption of valid data flow.

Discover Data. Enforce Security. Detect Leakage

  • All Cloud Infrastructure

  • All Data Types

  • All Data Policies

Full Observability, Easy to Deploy

Built upon cutting-edge technology, Laminar provides the only Public Cloud Data Protection solution that provides full visibility and enforcement capabilities across your entire public cloud infrastructure.


No agent, No code.
Simple view-only cloud role.
Deploy in minutes.


Nothing in-line.
Nothing disrupting data flow.

Zero concerns

No latency overhead.
Private data never leaves your environment.

Make your data flows Laminar!