Laminar Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

Our industry-leading data security platform embeds into your environment to provide the visibility and control you need to support data security, governance and compliance initiative in the cloud.

Data Security Posture Management in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Providing powerful, consistent data security in the cloud across AWS, Azure, GCP, and Snowflake, allowing security teams to monitor, classify and protect sensitive data across cloud environments.

Data Security Posture Management in a Multi-Cloud Environment

How Laminar’s DSPM Solution Works

1. Discover & Classify Data in the Cloud

Using our DeepScan technology, Laminar's data security posture management solution autonomously and continuously discovers all cloud-resident data, not just known or manually tagged assets. Our data security platform comprehensively detects data in managed and self-hosted assets, embedded in virtual instances, Shadow Data, data caches, data pipelines, and Big Data. Without requiring a password, the platform leverages multi-step contextual validation to precisely identify and classify sensitive data such as PII, PHI, and PCI. Laminar builds a comprehensive, consistent data catalog across clouds.

Discover and classify cloud data autonomously and continuously with Deepscan Technology: Preview of Laminar's DSPM solution discovering data assets at risk in the cloud


Does not require passwords for data assets.


Scan for new accounts and data assets.


Consistent across clouds.


Independently crawls your entire cloud environment.


Pinpoints sensitive data with multi-step verification.


Discovers all data throughout your clouds.

Data Risk-Based Prioritization Portal: Preview of Laminar’s DSPM solution prioritizing discovered data by risk

2. Data Risk Prioritization

Laminar has built a data-centric risk model that provides risk-based prioritization of controls and notifications based on sensitivity, volume, data security posture, and exposure. Laminar begins by identifying your crown jewels according to the overall sensitivity and volume of the data. Laminar also assesses the overall risk to the asset from all sources within the cloud. The prioritized risk score combines sensitivity and risk to tailor customized controls, monitoring, and remediation recommendations.


3. Secure Data In the Cloud

Laminar provides Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) that enforces data security best practices and data policy. Delivering specific data security posture improvement recommendations and data context to guide remediation actions. Recommendations are tailored to each cloud environment to maximize efficiency of the proposed actions.

Data Security Posture Management: Preview of Laminar's DSPM software enforcing cloud data security policies
Continuous Data Access Monitoring: Preview of Laminar DSPM's data monitoring

4. Continuous Data Monitoring

For prioritized data assets, Laminar provides 360 degree data access monitoring for all issues including Data Leak Protection. The platform monitors data transfers and detects suspicious anomalies. Detected anomalies can be in the datatype, volume, rate, unusual communication channel, and more. For data leakages, Laminar provides precise notification and remediation guidance.


DSPM Solution Embedded Within Your Environment

Laminar is embedded within your cloud environment so your data never leaves. Laminar utilizes serverless functions that leverage the Cloud Service Provider’s (CSP) API’s to scan the environment. Laminar deploys effortlessly using native cloud utilities, does not require an agent, and does not impact performance. Further, Laminar provides consistent security and governance across multi-cloud environments.


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