Data Access governance (DAG) Solution

Prevent your next security incident from becoming a data breach

Security incidents are inevitable, but you can minimize their impact by strategically managing access to your organization’s sensitive data – starting with your high-risk identities.

Security incident breach

Use Laminar’s Zero Trust data access governance (DAG) capabilities for key data security use cases

Data exfiltration prevention

Insider risk management

Least privilege access

Ransomware risk management

Data breach investigation

Third-party access management

Compliance and regulations

Enforce Zero Trust data security with Laminar’s data access governance solution

Find out who has access to your most sensitive data – whether they are privileged users or not. These are your high-risk identities. Right size their permissions and add extra protections to limit the scope and damage of security incidents.

Discover high-risk identities

Laminar continually assesses your environment to find the highest risk identities – those that would cause the most damage if compromised because of their access to sensitive data.

Ensure least privilege access 

Reduce the impact of security incidents by ensuring least privilege access to sensitive data. Set guardrails to find and remediate excessive and unused permissions.

Protect high-risk identities

Add an extra layer of defense to high-risk identities. Use Laminar’s real-time monitoring tools, including data detection and response (DDR). Add additional authentication and temporary access.

Respond sooner to stop data exfiltration

By focusing your incident response on compromised identities with the most potential damage, you can stop data exfiltration and recover faster.

Prevent your next security incident from becoming a data breach

Feature overview

Data access graph

Data access graphs provide quick visibility into who has access to what data, making it easier to review permissions and reduce the attack surface of your sensitive data.

Data-driven risk

Our AI-powered data classification engine analyzes risk based on data sensitivity, so you can discover high-risk identities and prioritize incident response.

Data access

Ensure compliance by using data access policies to identify and remediate unused, excessive, and misconfigured permissions.

Multi-cloud &
SaaS support

Monitor access to your data wherever it resides across AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, BigQuery, and SaaS.

Continuous, agentless monitoring

Our easy-to-deploy agentless solution continually monitors data access without impacting performance.

Laminar Security Remediation Playbooks

Guided remediation & integration

Remediate data access and identity posture violations with guided workflows and integration with identity protection tools.

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