Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Solution

Safeguard your sensitive data to innovate and collaborate with less risk

Identify sensitive data exposures, improve data security posture, and proactively reduce your data risks to protect what matters most with Laminar’s DSPM solution.

Use Laminar’s DSPM capabilities for key
data security use cases

Sensitive data

Data loss

Sensitive data

ROT data

Sovereignty &

Data risk
assessment /

Governance &

Granular data context for complete risk management

Security that stays with your data

No matter where your data travels or how often it is replicated, know that it is consistently protected. Empower data democratization at scale without the inherent risks.

Be aware of all your exposures

Dozens of out-of-the-box policies alert you to overexposed, unprotected, misplaced, and redundant data. Create your own policies to meet unique business requirements.

Address your biggest risks first

Continuously assess and apply risk-based prioritization of protections based on the sensitivity, volume, security posture, and exposure of your data.

Reduce risks quickly

Quickly remediate sensitive data violations and exposures that put you most at risk – thereby minimizing the chance and impact of a breach. Streamline remediation with security stack integrations and 1-click resolution.

Fast-track regulatory compliance

Avoid fines and reduce audit costs by ensuring data security practices align with regulations and standards. Generate audit-ready compliance reports with detailed risk and controls evidence.

Protect your data no matter where it travels

Feature overview

Shadow data risk identification

Discover all your data,
known and unknown, wherever it goes. Understand data risks.

Prioritized posture assessment

Laminar highlights sensitive data exposures and assigns a severity level to help you prioritize remediation effort.

Automatic exposure mitigation

Automate enforcement, such as sensitive data masking and least privilege access control.

Multi-cloud &
SaaS support

Monitor all your data, across AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, BigQuery, SaaS and cloud file shares.

agentless monitoring

Our easy-to-deploy agentless solution continually monitors data automatically without impacting performance.

Guided remediation

Expert guidance provides step-by-step instructions tailored to the asset the data resides in, thus saving time and reducing complexity.

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