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Founded in 2020 by a brilliant team of award winning Israeli red team experts, Laminar is now part of Rubrik.

Enabling Data Security Teams to Move at the Speed of Cloud



In fluid dynamics, laminar flow is characterized by fluid particles following smooth paths in layers, with each layer moving smoothly past the adjacent layers with little or no mixing. This is how data should be handled. Organizations should use the absolute minimum data they need for their business purposes, without mixing different types. The data flow should be clear, visible, and free from friction. Proper security allows laminar data flow while reducing risk.

Cloud data flow free of friction, clear and visible - Laminar Security

Our Vision and Values

Laminar is on a mission to enable data democratization, safely

Fearless Experts

Fearless Experts

As the industry leader in Cloud Data Security you must be tenacious to beat the attackers and secure the crown jewels. Our drive for excellence allows us to build industry trust while achieving what has not been done until now.



Envisioning tomorrow’s problems today is key to creating a sustainable solution. Our team of forward thinking individuals continually push the boundaries and create value for customers by unlocking the power of data.

Diverse and Inclusive

Diverse and Inclusive

Embracing knowledge from around the globe in a diverse and transparent environment to nurture the best and brightest. Continuing to build on an already existing rich and vibrant company culture is Laminar’s goal.

Leadership Team

Laminar Security - Amit Shakad

Amit Shaked

Co-Founder, CEO

Laminar Security About Us

Oran Avraham

Co-Founder, CTO

Laminar Security - Osnat Furhang - Director HR

Osnat Furhang

Director of Human Resources

Laminar Security - Sean IR - VP Partnership BD

Sean Ir

VP of Partnerships and Business Development

Award Winning and Compliant Cloud Data Security Leader