Data Detection and Response (DDR) Solution

Stop active threats to your data with real-time detection and response

Laminar’s DDR solution detects external and internal threats to your sensitive data – so you can quickly investigate, contain, and minimize the impact of data breaches.

Laminar Security Data Threat Alerts

Use Laminar’s DDR capabilities for key
data security use cases

Anomalous access detection

Insider risk management

Ransomware prevention

Data exfiltration detection

Suspicious third-party access detection

Data loss prevention (DLP)

Compliance & regulatory monitoring

Incident response acceleration

Unlock the power of
data detection and response

Detect data breaches as they occur

Laminar identifies anomalous data access and suspicious behavior – alerting you on data exfiltration, unusual third-party access, insider threats, accidental data leaks, data misuse, and other threats.

Respond immediately

Automate mitigation workflows using the Laminar platform to reduce your mean time to respond (MTTR). You can also streamline alerts to your incident response tools, including SOAR, SIEM, or ITSM platforms.

Find data threats other solutions don't

Laminar monitors your sensitive data no matter where it resides or moves across your multi-cloud environment and SaaS applications – eliminating blind spots encountered with other solutions that don’t monitor data at its source.

Minimize costs by monitoring what matters most

Laminar’s DDR solution orchestrates the management and monitoring of activity logs automatically to specifically target assets containing sensitive data – driving down costs and cutting through irrelevant data “noise.”

Take action based on complete data context

After receiving a threat alert, assess risk, understand blast radius, and determine next steps by using evidence such as what type of data has been compromised and which entities have accessed that data.

Detect emerging threats to your data

Feature overview

Advanced threat detection

We integrate anomalous behavior analytics with hundreds of out-of-the-box detection rules based on cutting-edge research by Laminar Labs.

Continuous, agentless monitoring

Our easy-to-deploy agentless solution continually monitors your activity logs without impacting performance.

Multi-cloud & SaaS support

Monitor your data wherever it resides across AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, BigQuery, and SaaS applications.

Data-driven alerts

Based on our AI-powered data classification engine, Laminar provides context for each alert, facilitating investigation and triage.

Laminar Security SIEM SOAR Integration

SIEM & SOAR integration

Connect Laminar to other security tools in your tech stack to expedite incident response and recovery.

Laminar Security Remediation Playbooks

Remediation playbooks

Empower security teams with incident-specific playbooks for quick containment and remediation.

See Laminar’s data security platform in action

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