Every day, your teams leave behind
unintentional risk…

Innovation Attack Surface


  1. The continuous unintentional risk data users create when using it to drive innovation

Traditional security risks were largely outside-in: hackers, phishers, script-kids and so on.

In the cloud, there’s a new kind of inside-out security risk: legitimate internal actors who unintentionally create risk as a by-product of their daily work.

This is an invisible emergency for cloud-first companies everywhere. Cloud data is too distributed and dynamic to protect using the perimeter controls of the past.

Think of it as your Innovation Attack Surface – a massive, decentralized and accidental threat source that grows every time the smartest people in your business create value.

You need to empower data innovation while negating its risks. 

In a cloud-first world, traditional data security fails.

The cloud has unlocked an era of unlimited innovation potential. But rapid transformation and the push for data democratization have created a quagmire.

Here’s the problem.

Businesses have innovated the way they use cloud data, but not the way they secure it.

The result?

Security has little to no oversight over one of the fastest growing sources of risk in the business – the drastic expansion (and replication) of data manipulated by developers and data scientists to create business advantage. This is the Security Execution Gap — a fast-growing gap between the agility needed to safely create value with cloud data, and traditional (slow, limited, manual) data security controls.

Securing your cloud data is completely different to securing your infrastructure. Not only do you need a data-centered tool for the job, you need an agile (cloud based) approach to keep up with your value-creators.

Agile Cloud Data Security empowers your business

The Laminar platform helps decouple cloud data growth from cloud data risk, so you can accelerate innovation and reduce your attack surface in the same motion. No other solution gives you:

Agentless Architecture

API-only architecture, easy to deploy, asynchronous with zero performance impact (and data never leaves your environment).

Autonomous Discovery

Continuously discover and classify all cloud data, including Shadow Data, with no need for credentials to connect.

Data Context Awareness

Analyze access and usage patterns and combine them with the relevant context: the data owner, data subject, residency and cloud tags.

Meet the Laminar platform

Laminar is the only DSPM that’s built to support agile data security, privacy and governance. You get agentless, autonomous, context-aware data security across your multi-cloud environments.


Global Data Visibility

Get a unified view of where and what sensitive data you have; the data owners; those with access to the data; its posture status; and how the data gets accessed.

Data Hygiene

Remediate misplaced, redundant and obsolete data; and define relevant policies for continuous monitoring.

Data Security Risk Control

Detect and remediate overexposed, unprotected and misplaced data. Prioritize security issues based on data risk profile.

Data Access Governance

Identify all internal and external users, roles and resources with access to sensitive cloud data stores and track their privileges.

Privacy and Compliance

Detect and remediate regulatory and industry compliance violations. Generate audit-ready compliance reports.

5 ways Laminar gives you Agile Data Security for the Cloud

It’s outcome-focused

It analyzes access, usage patterns, and security posture, and helps to remediate data security risk.

It’s consumable

It gives you expert-level outcomes with ultra-friendly UX across the whole business (realizing value requires no additional learning).

It’s comprehensive

It continuously discovers and classifies all cloud data, structured and unstructured, across managed and self-hosted data stores, including unknown shadow data, without the data ever leaving your environment.

It’s enterprise

It helps you understand your enterprise’s data landscape, with views and access rights to match your organization. Customize it to meet your data taxonomy, integrate it with your data and security stack, and scale it easily to your largest data sets.

It’s pragmatic

It combines our detailed security and cloud technology expertise with your operational realities, meaning you get actionable, achievable outcomes (not just the highlighting of complex problems).

See Laminar’s Data Security Platform in Action

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