Laminar is excited to announce that we are joining forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS) AGAIN to continue our “better together story”! Today, at AWS re:Inforce, AWS announced its new AWS Built-in Competency, which was awarded to only 10 ISV Partners, including Laminar. We are proud to be the only data security start-up selected for the launch of this prestigious program. 

The AWS built-in co-build solution integrates AWS foundational services with Laminar’s data security platform. This collaboration simplifies deployment, enhances security, and reduces the time it takes for AWS and Laminar users to implement new data security initiatives on AWS.

“By utilizing an AWS built-in co-build solution with the Laminar Data Security Platform, organizations will be able to gain the visibility and control needed to continue cloud data growth across AWS services while keeping it protected.”

– Amit Shaked, Laminar CEO and Co-founder

So let’s dive right into the details of AWS Built-In and how it benefits Laminar customers.

AWS built-in: your ticket to effortless integration

AWS Built-in is a new competency that helps customers address common use cases with carefully vetted third-party software integrated with native AWS services. Previously, AWS customers had to dedicate time and resources to independently verify software configuration details when selecting a third-party solution, and more time after purchase on manual integration. 

AWS Built-in provides a secure and scalable foundation for customers who want to expand their AWS workloads while decreasing risk, reducing operational overhead, and gaining consistent observability in their cloud environments.

Discover, classify, secure, and monitor your sensitive data on AWS

Laminar autonomously discovers, prioritizes, secures, and monitors your sensitive data across AWS services, including Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, and more. By utilizing serverless functions that leverage AWS APIs, Laminar’s agentless solution never extracts sensitive data from the customer’s cloud environment and doesn’t impact performance.

With Laminar’s AWS Built-in solution, customers can also more easily procure the Laminar Data Security Platform through the AWS Marketplace.

Integration with AWS cloudtrail enables real-time data threat detection

Laminar now provides easy integration with AWS CloudTrail, which monitors and records account activity across your AWS environment. Laminar automatically processes your AWS CloudTrail logs as part of its data detection and response (DDR) capabilities – without requiring you to set up and stream your own AWS CloudTrail logs. 

By continuously monitoring AWS CloudTrail logs, Laminar can detect real-time threats to your data, immediately alert you to the threats, and streamline quick remediation. You can also more easily identify the root cause of the data threat with Laminar’s event timelines and data access flowcharts. This helps organizations to quickly respond to and remediate data breaches.

Drumroll, please…🥁

In closing, Laminar is thrilled to launch an AWS built-in co-build solution for data security. Adios to those integration woes and hello to seamless efficiency and lighting-fast data security Together, we’re revolutionizing the cloud computing landscape and delivering exceptional value to our amazing customers. Get ready to experience the power of this built-in co-build solution, combining the best of Laminar and AWS native services to help your business move at the speed of innovation.

Interested in learning more? Check out the AWS Partner Network Blog (APN blog) or our latest press release announcing AWS Built-in Solution for Data Security. 

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