Four Steps to Reinforce Your Cloud Data Security

In today’s world of organizations racing to cloud the dynamic nature of those environments and the sprawl of techt, there is an urgent trend that has surfaced…we need to have stronger and more automated security in cloud-based environments to keep that data safe.

There is enterprise data security on-premises and cloud security for infrastructure, but nothing that secures data for everything you build and run in the cloud. Developers and data scientists are freely and rapidly capturing, copying, and manipulating sensitive data in public cloud environments, which has resulted in security and data teams losing visibility and control over data in the cloud.

Where do we turn to find solutions to help? Thankfully live events are back, as they have been sorely missed, and AWS re:Inforce is right around the corner. This AWS event is a perfect melting pot for learning and networking, and is focused for professionals interested in cloud security, compliance, identity, or privacy. Amazing – an event where you can learn how to reinforce your cloud data security!

Whether or not you are headed to AWS re:Inforce…don’t you want to learn about four surefire ways to reinforce your cloud data security? I mean, then at least you can tune in at the event to learn more about where it’s coming from.

Embed Data Security Into Your Cloud Architecture

With organizations in a race to the cloud to maintain their competitive advantage, challenges in cloud-native and multi-cloud environments are popping up just as fast. By building data security into your cloud architecture you can easily optimize for security. Data will stay safe in your cloud with only metadata sent out.

Discover and Secure Shadow Data

Increasing democratization of data in the cloud is creating one of the largest risk areas, and “Shadow Data” (abandoned, orphaned, and otherwise lost data stored in the cloud) is a primetime example. Discovering and securing this shadow data autonomously is going to give you the advantage you need to gain complete observability so that you can remediate and secure your data across clouds.

Enforce Your Sensitive Data Security Posture

Data Governance teams, tired of chasing people to find out what’s going on? With automated verification of data security posture and guided remediation you can overcome your data governance challenges for everything you build and run in the cloud.

Efficiently Ensure Compliance

Ensuring compliance efficiently can be done by leveraging automated discovery and control. Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) that enforces best data security practices and data policy, guides remediation, and reduces data attack surfaces is definitely the way to go.

In closing, the Laminar team is headed to AWS re:Inforce to learn, network, and meet with folks like you. If you are interested in learning more about how you can improve your cloud data security posture, then book your executive briefing today.

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Three Key Cloud Security Trends to Shape Your RSAC 2022 Experience

Headed to RSA Conference 2022?

RSAC is almost here again and it’s where anyone who is anyone will be there networking, learning, and exploring the latest trends and technologies in security. This is your golden ticket to capitalizing on the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the new and innovative cyber technologies and solutions that are out there from some of the best and brightest in the industry.

This year we thought we would identify three top trends that your organization should look out for at RSAC. Which is kind of perfect for this year’s theme of “Transform” because we are at a time in history where a major transformation is occurring due to the pandemic, including an accelerated trend of organizations shifting to the cloud, almost by double. The question is no longer if but instead when for organizations that have not yet begun their cloud journey.

Continue reading to hear what top three trends you should pay attention to when at RSAC!

Digital transformation – the business of going to the cloud

The era of digital transformation is upon us and now is the time where organizations must be innovative and fluid to stay ahead of the competition. In an effort to remain competitive in this rapidly changing environment, organizations need to stay on top of the latest trends in digital transformation by adapting and embracing new technologies, strategies and change. “More than half of Enterprise IT spending in key market segments will shift to the Cloud by 2025”, according to Gartner.

Data democratization and the need for cloud data security

Data democratization is a game changer. It’s allowing organizations to enable and empower the average end user in their workforce to gather and analyze data without requiring outside help. Which means that there are no gatekeepers to create bottlenecks at the gateway of the data. The result of data democratization is making better data-informed decisions and better customer experiences powered by data. Sounds great right? Well, due to a rapid and dynamic release cycle, there is going to be less time to consider, audit, or remediate gaps in data security. The downside risk means that data is seldom deleted or removed, leaving shadow data in its wake which means securing that data is next to impossible. Be sure to tune in and listen for conversations and sessions around this topic.

The future of cloud data security – Cloud Native Tools and Platforms

The mass shift to the cloud has given way to cloud-native applications becoming more prevalent since they are quite literally designed specifically to work on the cloud. These cloud-native applications seek to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of the cloud platform. This brings way to those legacy security tools designed to protect the on-premise applications rearing its ugly head. These legacy tools aren’t going to be enough to protect cloud-based resources, leaving these applications exposed to threats and open to attackers

Cloud security budgets are increasing, with 59% of the surveyed organizations expecting to increase cloud security spending next year. On average, 27% of security budgets are devoted exclusively to cloud security. Time to find out the best ways to protect

Data security at the speed of cloud — accelerate your future.

Interested in continuing the conversation to discuss cloud data security and how you can discover, prioritize, secure and monitor your cloud data? You’re in luck, we are hosting executive briefings during RSA Conference and would love to meet you there. Space is limited, so book your spot today.

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