We are thrilled to share that Laminar is a part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) family! Not only is Laminar  an AWS APN Global Startup and AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Partner, we are listed in the AWS Marketplace

The AWS ISV Accelerate Program helps ISVs with software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS, drive new business and accelerate sales cycles by connecting the participating ISVs with the AWS Sales organization.

Our Better Together Story

Laminar’s acceptance into the AWS ISV Accelerate Program enables us to better meet customer needs through a unique collaboration with the AWS Sales organization. 

The ISV Accelerate milestone is a significant step in Laminar’s partnership with AWS. As a member of the ISV Accelerate program, Laminar gains access to a variety of resources and support from AWS that can help us grow our business and reach more customers. This partnership expansion builds on the existing relationship between Laminar and AWS, which includes Laminar products being available for purchase in the AWS Marketplace, as well as Laminar’s recognition as an APN Global Startup. The ISV Accelerate program is designed to help independent software vendors (ISVs) like Laminar accelerate their growth and success in the cloud computing market through a close collaboration between the AWS Sales team and the Laminar team. 

Becoming an AWS ISV partner is a bridge for Laminar to not only be able to provide our customers with agile data security, but also to have access to a wide range of solutions, improved reliability and security, increased flexibility, and cost savings. These benefits can help our customers continue innovating in the cloud and achieve their goals, while also providing them with the peace of mind that comes with working with a trusted and reliable provider. 

How Laminar Is Optimizing For Our Customers

Laminar’s products and services are designed to run on AWS, allowing us to optimize our offerings for the AWS platform in a few ways: 

Access to a wide range of solutions: By partnering with AWS, our customers have access to a wide range of products and services that can help them meet their needs. Whether they are looking for software solutions, infrastructure services, or cloud computing solutions, they are able to find what they need through the AWS ecosystem.

Improved reliability and security: AWS has a strong commitment to reliability and security, and by partnering with AWS, we are demonstrating our commitment to those same principles. This gives our customers peace of mind, knowing that their data and applications are secure and that they are working with a trusted provider.

Increased flexibility: By leveraging the scalable and flexible infrastructure provided by AWS, our customers are able to scale their operations quickly and easily in the cloud as their business grows. This can help organizations remain competitive and ensure that they are able to meet the changing needs of their customers.

Cost savings: By using AWS services, our customers can save money on their infrastructure and IT costs. AWS provides a cost-effective solution that allows them to pay only for what they use, without having to invest in expensive hardware or infrastructure.

Creating Value for AWS Customers

As the leading enterprise DSPM solution, Laminar gives organizations the visibility and control they need to support their data security, privacy, and governance initiatives in the cloud. The cloud-native platform provides autonomous and continuous data discovery, classification, and protection across a multi-cloud environment. Laminar deploys in minutes and integrates with existing security stacks and process flows, empowering teams to deliver agile data security at the speed of innovation.

A DSPM solution marries organizational agility with the control required to safeguard sensitive, regulated, and proprietary data in the cloud to close the security execution gap—the growing divergence between the activities that contribute to innovation and the security activities intended to protect the business. By doing so we have enabled agile data security.

In the era of the cloud, data is the new uranium and data security is vital to protecting this new currency. Data is driving customer insights, product telemetry, market forecasts, business intelligence, and more, which is a key competitive advantage that organizations must protect. 

Laminar’s Commitment to Our Customers

In closing, we hope we have conveyed the excitement and importance of Laminar’s partnership with AWS. Through this partnership we can provide even more value to our customers, optimize our offerings for the AWS platform, and access new opportunities for growth.

Laminar is committed to enabling our customers’ needs to innovate faster and safer than their competitors, by providing exceptional data security solutions for the cloud. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with AWS and look forward to the many benefits this partnership will bring.

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Karen Sung

Sr Director of Field & Channel Marketing

Karen is Sr. Director of Field and Channel Marketing at Laminar. In her role, Karen develops and executes innovative demand generation, customer, and partner marketing strategies to support our team in the field and our go-to-market partners.

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