A Buyer’s Guide to DSPM Solutions

A Buyer’s Guide to DSPM Solutions

The speed of innovation has increased exponentially with the mass adoption of the cloud — but so has data security risk.

Not long ago, CISOs were responsible for securing data in on-prem-only IT environments. But today, these environments have evolved into sprawling, multi-cloud or hybrid ecosystems. 

This shift has empowered employees to easily access, analyze, and innovate with data, driving massive growth across industries.

But it comes at a cost. 

The innovation attack surface created by those using data in the cloud for business advantage has grown exponentially. Sensitive data can easily be copied, modified, shared, and moved, and without appropriate tooling, this can go undetected by even the most diligent data security teams. 

CISOs need a solution that can autonomously and continuously scan their multi-cloud environments, empowering them to achieve complete visibility and reduce risk — all without slowing innovation.

This guide outlines the most effective solution for securing data in the cloud: data security posture management (DSPM), and what to look for in a DSPM solution.

We explore, in-depth:

  • The specific challenges of securing a modern multi-cloud environment
  • A comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of various solutions on the market
  • Tips for evaluating DSPM offerings
  • A list of capabilities and features your DSPM solution should include


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