Launches full data security platform with enhanced DAG and DDR capabilities

Laminar has unveiled groundbreaking advancements to its agile data security platform for multi-cloud. The introduction of new data access governance (DAG) and data detection and response (DDR) functionalities positions Laminar as the first solution on the market to offer comprehensive identification, protection, detection, and response capabilities for multi-cloud and SaaS data security. By adding these complementary features to its already powerful platform, Laminar consolidates all essential data security functions – including data landscape intelligence, data security posture management (DSPM), DAG, DDR, and privacy and compliance – into a single, integrated platform.

The growing need for agile data security

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business landscape, cybersecurity professionals are tasked with the daunting challenge of safeguarding sensitive data in the face of rapid innovation and constant motion. Traditional security measures can’t keep up, leaving organizations vulnerable to threats.

To bridge this gap, Laminar has introduced an agile data security solution that automatically scales with businesses, ensuring their protection remains in sync with their evolving needs.

At the core of Laminar’s agile data security approach lies cloud-native data discovery and classification, empowering organizations to detect all known and unknown (or “shadow”) data. This capability provides insights into data locations, sensitivity levels, and access permissions automatically—a critical step in understanding data landscapes. Because you can’t protect what you don’t know about. 

DAG and DDR: a paradigm shift in data security

Laminar’s latest enhancements add two new powerful features: data access governance (DAG) and data detection and response (DDR). In the fight to keep sensitive data safe, prevention alone is not enough and these additions offer the crucial additional safeguards of reducing exposure, detecting emerging threats and minimizing fall out from leaks.  

Data access governance enables organizations to ensure the principle of least privilege is upheld and minimize the chance and impact of data leaks by effectively controlling user, app and machine access. By granting the right access to sensitive data, DAG helps to reduce exposure and to mitigate the blast radius in the event of a breach.

Laminar Data Access Governance (DAG) ensures that only approved entities (users, machines, applications, third parties), and roles have access to the most sensitive data, regardless of where it resides, to minimize attack surface and reduce risks. Complementing infrastructure access and identity solutions, DAG analyzes access to the data element layer and lets you visualize your most sensitive data and who has access to it, to easily understand and control risk from insiders or supply chain partners.

Data Access Governance screen shows which entities can access sensitive data.

Data detection and response is another groundbreaking addition to Laminar’s arsenal. DDR alerts organizations in real time when suspicious activity or data breaches occur, allowing security teams to respond rapidly and mitigate active threats. With DDR, businesses can swiftly contain any data security incidents and minimize potential damage.

Laminar Data Detection and Response (DDR) provides constant monitoring of activity logs (e.g., AWS CloudTrail and Azure Monitor Activity Logs) to spot anomalies and malicious indicators, detecting threats to your sensitive data as they occur. Highly customizable filtering prevents noise to focus on the assets you care most about.

Data Detection & Response Threat Alerts screen shows DDR alerts for suspicious or anomalous data activity.


Complementary capabilities for comprehensive protection

The DAG and DDR solutions complement Laminar’s existing capabilities, creating a complete data security platform. Other key elements of Laminar’s integrated platform are:

  • Data landscape intelligence: Provides a holistic view of asset and data inventory with contextual intelligence derived from autonomous discovery and classification of all known and unknown cloud data.
  • Data security posture management (DSPM): Enforces policies and safeguards sensitive data with risk-based prioritization, enabling organizations to focus on what matters most.
  • Privacy and compliance: Ensures data security practices align with regulations and standards to streamline audits, avoid fines and reduce audit costs.

Included in all of Laminar’s solutions, Guided remediation delivers a full analysis of why a security or compliance violation exists, supporting evidence, and expert step-by-step technical fix recommendations, saving time and reducing complexity. Additionally, tickets can be generated for incident escalation, help desk requests, or other workflow (via Jira and ServiceNow ITSM integration) and integrations exist for automation with leading SIEM, SOAR and other security infrastructure.

Laminar’s innovative solution is unique in its ability to integrate all key elements of an agile platform architecture, delivering a complete data security framework across multi-clouds.

Power of integrated data security solution

By consolidating these capabilities into a single platform, Laminar simplifies and enhances the data security experience for organizations. This integrated design optimizes threat detection accuracy, comprehensively safeguards data, and streamlines the remediation process.

“Protecting data in the cloud requires different tools than are used to protect on-premises data, and organizations need a purpose-built cloud data security solution.  Enterprise Strategy Group recommends organizations explore solutions like Laminar that provide a holistic approach to the entire process of securing data in the cloud and provide unified and integrated data security across multiple clouds,” said Jack Poller, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.

With the introduction of advanced DAG and DDR functionalities, Laminar stands as the industry leader and continues to drive innovation in the data security for cloud marketplace. Laminar empowers cybersecurity professionals with the agile tools they need to protect sensitive data in today’s rapidly evolving cloud environments and respond swiftly to emerging threats. 

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Dave Stuart

Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Dave Stuart is Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Laminar, a leader in agile data security for the cloud, where he is responsible for product and launch planning, content creation, and analyst relations. Dave is a 20+ year security industry veteran having held product and marketing management positions at industry luminary companies such as Symantec, Sourcefire, Cisco, Tenable, and ZeroFox. Dave holds a BSEE/CS from University of Illinois, and an MBA from Northwestern Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

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