Ever wonder what happens in an age of disruption when you mix a global pandemic with megatrends?

A significant rise in the number of disruptive and sophisticated attacks, that’s what! (Note to self, many of these attacks could have been avoided with the appropriate security embedded throughout the business.) Still work to be done…sigh.

The global pandemic has created a perfect storm of conditions for threats to data in the cloud. This new wave of threats, compounded by the accelerated rate of the megatrends of cloud transformation and data democratization, is giving rise to a whole new set of risks which has also been dubbed the “Data Attack Surface,” or as I think about it,the “Bermuda Triangle.” These two megatrends are defining the course of progress for enterprises of all shapes, sizes, and industries. It’s abundantly clear that these trends have allowed enterprises to support more remote work, enhance customer experiences, and generate immense value. All a huge plus in my book!

Rising above the waves of a perfect storm

The data attack surface is the biggest cloud security risk to your organization. As digitization accelerates, data, that small four letter word (seemingly so innocent) continues to grow exponentially. I mean, most of us have heard the stat from 2018 that 90% of the world’s data had been generated in the two years before that alone. Data growth hasn’t really slowed down since then. And, most of that data is getting dumped into the cloud (social media, communication, digital photos, services, IoT, etc). Combine that explosion in the volume of data with the increased potential for misuse by users given the lack of traditionally trained data gatekeepers, and the risk increases exponentially.

This massive increase in risk to data in the cloud means security teams are faced with a perfect storm at their doorstep in the amount of data to track and protect. To make things even more challenging—do you even know where that data resides? Or what type of data it is (e.g., crown jewels)? Who is responsible for it? Who has access to it? What is its security posture? Like security teams don’t have enough to worry about already.

That’s a lot of questions to answer in regards to visibility and security of the data attack surface, which is now the most challenging aspect of cloud security.

Three years into the pandemic, and well into our megatrends, I believe we are now in the eye of the storm. Which means that now is the time for security to act swiftly and quickly without delay to contend with the complex issues of data in the cloud and sophisticated attackers. Time is of the essence. Act now before the calm has passed.

I mean, do you really want to find out the hard way?

Didn’t think so…Time to seize the day and surf the waves of this perfect storm by creating a framework for discovering, prioritizing, securing, and monitoring your cloud data. Surf’s up!

If you are interested in learning more about cloud data security solutions that can help you ride the waves of this storm, Laminar can help. You can either schedule a demo with us or find us in person at InfoSec World, September 26-27.

Now in its 28th year, the 2022 edition of Infosec World features seven diverse tracks:

  1. Hackers & Threats
  2. Leadership & Budgeting
  3. Cloud Security
  4. Security Awareness
  5. Risk Mitigation
  6. Critical Infrastructure
  7. Identity

Over 1,500 security professionals from across industry and government are expected to attend, along with keynote speakers Robert Herjavec (CISO of the Herjavec Group), Tomas Maldonado (CISO of the NFL), and Ron Ross (Cyber Fellow at NIST).

Additional pre- and post-conference workshops and summits include topics on ransomware, threat testing, supply chain, cryptocurrency, cloud security, leadership, and zero trust.

Stop By and Watch Our Live Session

Session: Data Risk is Lurking in the Shadows

When: Mon, Sep 26 at 4:00PM–4:25PM

Shadow data is the new shadow IT and it’s leaving undue risk and breaches in its wake. CISO anxiety comes from the fear of the unknown and data security teams have lost visibility into where their sensitive data is in the cloud.

Learning objectives for this session:

  • What is shadow data?
  • How does it occur?
  • Where is your shadow data?
  • How to shine a light on the shadows

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